Good AF Coffee

Good AF Coffee (formerly known as Antifascist Coffee) delivers exceptional coffee steeped in antifascist values.

Project Details

Good AF Coffee (Antifascist Coffee)

Services Provided:
Website Design
Branded Merchandise
Growth Strategy

Business Type & Industry:
Retail Coffee
Specialty Eatery

Launching an Inclusive Brand of Coffee

Good AF Coffee (Antifascist Coffee) believes that the simple act of enjoying a cup of coffee and engaging in conversation with someone you just met can help create connections, build bridges, and knock down walls. With all of this in mind, they set out to create a brand that not only satisfies your coffee cravings, but also stands firmly against oppression, discrimination, and hatred.

We understand Good AF Coffee’s values and translated it to a trustworthy website and a successful launch.  Customers are able to order their coffee in just a few clicks. They can also save and subscribe to have their coffee bag mailed to them on a recurring basis.

New Website Experience

Growth Strategy

We provided Good AF Coffee with an actionable strategy for a successful launch. This included creating a 'coming soon' page to collect emails and setting up subscriptions.

Branded Merchandise

Good AF Coffee wanted to partner with an ethical apparel supplier that supported their values. We were able to integrate their store with Ethical Tees.

The Digital Advertising Team rocks!!

Good AF Coffee

Coffee Brand

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