Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to schedule Facebook ads to run at only certain times and days of the week?

Yes, you can schedule what days and times you want your ads to run through Facebook ad scheduling. It’s at the adset level and under the ‘Budget & Schedule’ column.

How much does it cost to advertise on Instagram?

Instagram ads are launched through the Facebook advertising platform. This means the cost of Instagram advertising is based on the same auction and bidding system – you will pay per your campaign objective.

Does google advertising increase SEO ranking and website traffic?

Google Ads doesn’t increase SEO ranking but, it can be used to drive more traffic to your website. Since campaign goals will most likely be to drive website visits, this can indirectly impact SEO.

I deleted my Facebook Ad campaigns but I’m still being charged?

If you’re being charged for your Facebook ad campaigns after you have deleted them it means that your account has reached the end of the billing cycle. Facebook bills your account based on ad spend and the payment method you’ve selected. If you want to learn more about how billing works we recommend taking a look at the Facebook Ads billing help page.

<a href=”″ rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Visit Facebook Billing Help Page</a>

What’s the recommended budget to start digital advertising?

As a minimum, we recommend $1000/mo for at least 3 months but, deciding on an advertising budget to start with depends on a variety of factors. Start by asking yourself and your team the following –

<li>How much are we willing to spend to get a new customer (or lead)?</li>
<li>What are other owners in our industry spending?</li>
<li>Who are we targeting? Where do they participate online?</li>
<li>What is our estimated return on investment going to be if I spend $X amount of dollars on advertising?</li>
<li>Are we launching more than one campaign?</li>

What is the Facebook Pixel?

The Facebook pixel is a short piece of code that’s placed on your website to track visitors. It’s an analytics tool that collects data based on the actions your visitors take and allows you to re-target them with Facebook ads. Think of it as one of the ways your website “learns” and gathers insights. The pixel provides a better understanding of how well your Facebook ads are performing and helps define custom audiences to use for your advertising.

How does Google Analytics help in advertising?

Google Analytics provides a bird’s eye view of all the action happening on your website. We take these insights and use it to determine what ads to create and the audience to target.

With Google Analytics you’ll also get insights such as the bounce rate of your pages, where traffic is coming from, how traffic tends to navigate on your website, how many visitors are completing conversion goals, your overall revenue generated and more.

How much should a business pay for digital advertising?

A business should pay however much they’re willing to spend to achieve their goal through advertising. How much the amount is depends on the business’ industry, the advertising platform and the market.

Can Google Analytics connect to the Facebook Pixel?

No, instead use URL tracking to track the performance of your Facebook advertising campaigns through Google Analytics.